Our Values

At the very heart of what we do as a voluntary collective network are our values. These values underpin everything we do and everyone who volunteers for us operates within them.

Respect Diversity and Inclusion

We have a non-judgmental approach being open minded

and finding common ground. Everyone is welcome no matter what their background and we will work hard to ensure inclusion at all levels of what we do.

Openness, Tolerance and understanding

We seek to find understanding with communities and landowners etc. and others who use or own sites. We accommodate all views in the process of conservation but will challenge any views of a less inclusive nature.

Empathy and integrity

We will keep commitments and appointments and act with transparency in all our undertakings. We will seek to understand different points of view that may impact on the work of the network and reach compromises where points of concern exist. We will challenge any views that exclude or further marginalise minority groups.

Heritage and Conservation

We acknowledge and work toward conserving Scotland’s Community and Folk heritage. We focus on conservation at all sites. We use techniques that honour the sites heritage and spirit of place.

Community Empowerment and Autonomy

We value community and everything we do will have focus on building community relationships from small meetings to national work. We seek to empower communities to take up “responsibility” of sites in their local area. We respect the autonomy of individual communities and will support this where we can.

Ecology and Environment

The respect for the Ecology and Environment are at the heart of what we do. We will always seek to ensure ecological and environmental impact is limited in effect in any work we carry out.

Education & Knowledge

We aim to increase access to the knowledge of sites whilst recognising the value different communities place on them. We will assess and manage information access on a case-by-case basis.

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